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Java 2 Micro Edition File System

What is J2MEFS?

J2MEFS is an Application Program Interface for the Java 2 Micro Edition. It extends the RMS (Record Management System) for MIDlets developers.

On many MIDP-enabled devices RMS is the only facility for local data storage, but it provides very few features. Using the bare RMS, a programmer can save persistent data, but each record is identified by a mere number.

With J2MEFS, developers can store persistent data easier. J2MEFS acts as a layer between RMS and MIDlet programmers. J2MEFS maintains a directory structure inside a record store and programmers don't need to use numbers to identify each record any more. They don't even need to know how RMS works. They can use names and paths instead, as if they were writing or reading files in a true file system. J2MEFS provides methods to create, rename, read, write and delete files or directories.

J2MEFS is licensed under the GNU General Public License and hosted by SourceForge. The project summary can be found here. Any criticism or suggestion about J2MEFS are welcome!

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