:-) j2mefs
Java 2 Micro Edition File System

How does it work?

In order to work with J2MEFS you must:

  1. download the API package.
  2. Place the library "j2mefs.jar" under your Wireless Toolkit directory ( %WTKPath%\lib\ ).
  3. import j2mefs.* from your MIDlets.
  4. Open or create a new file system. Now you can read and write data in files.
  5. When you create a package, the J2MEFS api will be saved along with your MIDlet.

Documentation concerning J2MEFS API classes is still under development.

J2MEFS is compatible with MIDP 1.0 and above.

Source code is also available. This program is free software (please read the GNU General Public License before downloading).

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