:-) j2mefs
Java 2 Micro Edition File System

Who has coded it?

My name is Guillermo Calvo and I am a student of Computer Engineering.

This program came out from the need to use the RMS (Record Management System), which is part of the standard J2ME (MIDP 1.0) library.

Considering this API as a enough rough and featureless one, I chose to tackle this project. The target is to have a light and comfortable API, which lets a MIDlet store data locally by intuition, as if files were being saved in a hard disk drive.

Version 1.0 of J2MEFS meets these premises accurately. While this project is not of a big complexity, I think it may be useful for programmers who are, as I am, dissatisfied with the RMS API.

If you wish to get in touch with me, you can send me an e-mail to <guillermocalvo(at)yahoo(dot)com>.

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